Camera Repair Tools

You will need some basic camera repair tools to make any repairs on cameras. Most of the tools are things you already have or are readily available at a hardware or department store.


Camera Repair Tools

A set of small screwdrivers is needed. The inexpensive type in a plastic blue box will work. However, if you are going to be working on several cameras, it is worth the expense to purchase a good set of jeweler's screwdrivers. Many camera screws are non-standard. If needed, grind or file down tips to make a precise fit.

Tweezers are also needed to handle the small parts you may encounter. Needle nose pliers are also very useful for pulling apart stubborn parts, but not necessary for most cameras.

You will need some type of lens spanner wrench. The typical adjustable lens spanner wrench has two vertical pieces with screwdriver like tips that slide along a bar. These may be difficult to locate since hardware stores don't carry them. Photography stores may have them available, however. As an alternate, you can use snap ring pliers or small needle nose pliers. You can also make a lens spanner by cutting away the end of a rigid paint scraper leaving two small tips to fit into the retaining ring slots.

A small rubber furniture leg cup or rubber stopper is also useful for removing parts like lenses and retaining rings. Once you have the ring loosened, use the cup on the ring. This helps avoid accidentally scratching the lens should the spanner wrench slip. If the rear lens element extends past the retaining ring, use a rubber cup to avoid pressing down on the lens. If the lens is recessed, you can use a rubber stopper instead. Because you have to reach into the bellows, it's useful to make a tool with a piece of rubber stuck on the end of a wooden dowel instead of a stopper.

Cutting tools such as the hobby knife and scisors are needed as well. A knife with a chisel tip is very good at getting stubborn leatherette to come off.

You can also make some of the tools you need.