Synchro 300 Service and Parts Manuals

This is a simple shutter and easy to work on. All the parts come out from the front. To remove the shutter from the camera simply unscrew the shutter retaining nut from inside the camera and lift the shutter off.

The rear lens requires a special tool to remove. You must improvise something that will grip the inside of the retaining ring if you need to remove this lens. I normally just leave the lens in place.

Clean the inside of the tube on the pallet, star wheel and sector gear. These can have old lubricant and oxidation inside that will not flush out. Use a toothpick or something similar to insert into the tube and gently turn the toothpick around to scrape out any contamintants. Also be sure to clean the posts that each of these sit on.

The button on the drive ring is riveted in place. I have found that you can just tilt the drive ring a bit and slip the base out without removing the button.

I have scanned the service manual and parts diagrams for the Kodak Synchro 300 shutter for those who need to do complete service on these shutters. These are 150dpi gray-scale scans in JPEG format. They were scanned from what looks like a second generation photocopy, but are still usable and should be able to be printed if you desire. There are two ZIP file archives, one for the service manual and one for the parts list. You may only need the parts list, so I suggest you download it first. There is an HTML file in each archive that will display the pages. You can also paste the images into a word processor and print them out.

Service Manual (3,676 KB)

Parts List (948 KB)

Please note: I am not in the business of supplying high quality reproductions of service manuals. If you need a better copy, look on eBay or do a web search for people doing that.