The colors, border, font and background images on the website are controlled by the file styles.css located in the root directory. The Simple Website Manger supports on-lineediting of the style sheet, and comes with several different stylesheets. All style sheets except the one in use should be placed in the $styldir directory. The right sidebar contains a link to the editor for style sheets.

To update the current style sheet, leave the "Save To" field empty. Note that if you later copy a style sheet from the styles directory, you will lose any changes to the current style sheet.

To change the style sheet, scroll to the bottom of the editor and select the new style sheet. Press the [Change] button to copy the selected style sheet to the root directory. There is no way at the current time to select a "theme" - you have to overwrite the main stylesheet to change the look and feel. The browser may not immediately update the style after a change to the style sheet. To see the changes, go to the default page and then refresh the browser. Don't refresh on the information screen since that will attempt to send another POST command. (I'm working on it...) 

The following identifiers are used to link the stylesheet to the standard page layout.

  • #wrap - outer wrapper of the whole layout
  • #interior - background of the page
  • #banner - the banner area
  • #logo - the logo image in the banner area
  • #lsidebar - the left sidebar area
  • #stuff - the main content area
  • #rsidebar - the right sidebar area
  • #footer - the footer area

The body class defines the style for any areas of the page outside the wrap area.