Pre-defined Pages

Several pre-defined pages are included with the Simple Web Manager. All of these pages are located in the pages directory and begin with an underscore (_).

Page Description

This page contains the admin functions. Currently there are two functions available. You can set the password and permissions for any user. Also, if you type in a new user name, that user name will be added to the users file.

The bottom part of the page displays the current settings file in an edit area. You can review and change the settings, then press [Update] to save the settings. Note that the settings will take effect after you press [Continue] to go to the next page

_edittoc.html This page contains an edit form to edit the table of contents file.
_style.html This page contains an edit form to edit the current stylesheet. In addition, a list of all available style sheets is at the bottom of the form. Select one of the entries in the list and press [Change] to copy the style sheet to the default. You may have to refresh the browser after [Continue] in order to load the new style sheet.
_newpg.html This file contains the form to create a new page. This form is automatically included on the default right sidebar.
_login.html This page contains the login form. This form is automatically included on the default right sidebar if login display is enabled ($showStuff['login'] = true).
_upload.html This page contains a file upload form.

You can edit any of these pages to provide additional functionality. Use: index.php?page=_name