Remember Who You Are

A soul existing in eternity can experience change but not causality.

Consider someone traveling in a void at the speed of light with a flaashlight in his hand. At some point the traveler encounters another ob-ject. That encounter will be experienced as change. However, the traveler cannot see the ob-ject before it is encountered, and cannot turn around and look at it after he has passed it. The photons of light needed to see with cannot race ahead of the traveler to illuminate the ob-ject. The photons of light traveling backward towards the ob-ject will never catch up with the traveler either. What the traveler experiences is change without causality. The only way to experience causality is to exist in a state with some sense of "time and space" that is a lesser state of being than eternity.

Another analogy is to think of a cone projected from a single point of light. At the apex, all is drawn into an infinitely small point. This is the soul in eternity. The light spreads out into the cone and at the base it is possible to move around and examine all aspects of the light in more detail but only by losing the totality of the point at the apex. This is the soul in physical space-time.

Genesis describes a choice that man is allowed to make. (Why God gave man choice is another issue.) Man can rely solely on the absolute goodness of God, acting as a vessel, and determine his actions by that spirit of God moving him. Alternately, he can take it upon himself to discriminate between good and evil using his mind and then guide his actions by that choice. The second choice, once made, puts man into a paradox that he can never escape from. Because his thoughts are now a mixture of good and evil, any action he takes will manifest that nature and the result will be a mixture of good and evil. It is a one-way trap door with no way back of man's own will power. Anytime a choice of evil is made it creates a feedback loop that accelerates, amplifies, and begins to permeate all actions until it becomes all-pervasive. (In terms of modern physics, this is a "phase conjugate mirror" effect. All of the evil you do is reflected perfectly back to you. Jesus explains it several times, e.g. in Matt. 7:1-5 and Matt. 5:38-48.) The soul ends up in a forever state of evil without understanding how it got there and no way to ever get back. (Rom. Ch 7).

Satan claimed that God was wrong to create a vessel such as Adam and then put Adam in a position of dominion over Creation. An experiment is needed to allow Satan to make his case. To make his case, he was given permission to tempt man into making the wrong choice. The only way to understand why one choice is wrong is to drop into a space-time existence so that the causality of the choice can be experienced.

This was the trap set by Satan and the challenge he threw down. Satan claimed that man could be like God by relying on choice between good and evil. The trap is that once the choice has been made, there is no way for man to recover. God is left with the problem of either destroying man to remove the mistake, or, allowing Satan to rule over man through man's choice. If God destroys man, Satan wins. If God allows Satan to rule, Satan wins.

God's resolution of the dilemma was to step into the same limited form as man without losing the sense of absolute good. All of the evil choice of man is taken upon Jesus (the crucifixion) thus eliminating it from the equation. What follows at the resurrection is an energetic interchange from eternity, penetrating into this world and altering the nature of man. No longer is the regenerated man relying on the discernment of good and evil, but is instead once again a vessel of the will of God. The way out of the trap is to stop trying to use the mind to discriminate good and evil and rely only on the will of God to motivate you. This is called faith. This alters the soul back to it's original state (saved by grace through faith) and God proves that He has the power to fulfill His purposes even if man makes the wrong choice while still allowing man to make that choice.

Those who do not receive the regeneration (born again) remain in the trapped state forever (or until annihilated by God if you prefer). In the end, God proves His power and all of the children of God learn why the lie of Satan was a lie and not the truth.

I have often speculated that only some of mankind intentionally made the wrong choice and fell. Some made the choice voluntarily knowing that Jesus could pull them back out again. "Remember who you are."


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