Richter Reflecta

This shutter is from an early Reflecta. It is a very simple shutter that relies on varying the spring tension to change speeds. The mainspring on this shutter is worn out and all speeds are about the same.

Remove the four screws in the cover and lift the cover off.

Remove the speed setting lever but don't remove the screw in the trigger.

Turn the shutter over and remove the three screws in the back. Pull the two halves of the shutter apart.

Remove the shutter blades. These are made of paper.

Note the position of the springs on the T and B levers. Remove the screw and lift the levers off.

Remove the cable release tube and the screw in the shutter trigger.

Turn the shutter over and remove the screw from the trigger lever. Pry the lever off. Turn the shutter over again and remove the trigger.

Unhook the main spring and then remove the main activating lever and spring.

Remove the speed setting lever.

Remove the blade activating lever.